How to evade cyber bullying on Facebook?

Have you ever received a harassing message or a mail on Facebook? Have you ever been wrongly quoted? Have you ever been tagged in a photo by someone whom you don’t even know?

If you have, then you have been cyber bullied! Cyber bullying is a crime in which a miscreant tries to malign someone’s image. Cyber bullying is becoming an increasing criminal trend and a whole lot of people are bearing the brunt.

But it is not something that cannot be tackled with. Cyber bullying can surely be evaded and you can do so by following a few steps:

1. Friendship requests: Accept friendship requests from people whom you know. If you do not and still wish to add him/ her, then do visit their profile. If you find any suspicious activity there- ‘Report’ the profile immediately. Facebook will disengage the reported profiles after conducting an audit.

2. Block profiles: If you have received a harassing message from someone in your friend’s list, you should ‘Block’ his/ her profile. If you do so, he/ she will not be able to formulate any kind of communication with you, in future.

3. Raise your voice: Never let anyone tarnish your image in any way. If someone is trying to, then immediately ‘Report’ it by clicking on the ‘Report’ tab next to the sender’s message. If the abusers are physcially threatening you, then contact the proper the authorities immediately. (parents, teachers, police, etc.)

4. Privacy settings: Keep a track of the latest privacy settings being offered on Facebook and customize them to suit your requirements. This way, you can have a control on the information you want to share with friends and others.

5. Don’t react: Cyber bullies look forward to see the reaction of victims. If you react, their goal will be accomplished, and will give them all the more pleasure to bug you.

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