Introducing Facecrooks News!

facebook iconOn any given day, there is never a shortage of Facebook news. Over a billion people are members of the social network and countless businesses and organizations use the platform as well. Any time you have this many people in one place, there is bound to be numerous newsworthy events.

As our long time readers know, Facecrooks is devoted to reporting on social media privacy, safety and scams. We try to write about the most relevant topics, but we simply don’t have the manpower and resources to cover every major story that comes down the pike. To remedy this problem, we are launching a sister site that will serve as a clearinghouse where you can get all of your Facebook news in one, convenient spot.

Facecrooks News will primarily focus on the following Facebook related topics in a Drudge style format:

  • Major Headline News
  • Facebook Privacy and Security
  • Facebook Scams
  • Creeps & Crooks

The content is a mix of hand curated and feed generated items. We also include a blogroll of other great sites we think you’ll like, and we are working on a list of resource links to help victims of scams, fraud and abuse. If you know of any sites or resources that you would like to see added, then please let us know!

Our news site is brand new and we are still working on it. We welcome any feedback on how we can make it better for our readers!

Recommended Resources

BitDefender Safego is a Facebook application you can install that will scan your News Feed and help keep you safe from scams on Facebook.

DoNotTrackMe® is a used by millions of people worldwide for free to block web tracking and spam email. Advanced Premium features ($5/mo.) allow you to protect more private information by creating one-time use, private credit cards when you shop online.

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