Kentucky Cops Encourage Drug Dealers To Turn In Competitors On Facebook

facebook_blackbg_logoThe Franklin County Sheriff’s Office in Kentucky came up with a novel way to fight crime via Facebook: encourage other criminals to rat out their rivals.

“Attention drug dealers. Is your drug dealing competition costing you money?” the flier posted to the department’s Facebook page said. “We offer a free service to help you eliminate your drug competition.”

The flier also included blank fields for the “drug dealing competitor’s” name, cell phone number, vehicle, selling hours and more.

While the Facebook ad is obviously a funny way to get attention, it also might generate real leads. It’s played as a joke, but this kind of tactic might become more commonplace for law enforcement in the future; the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office got the idea from another police department in Georgia.

“We’ve got our community engaged,” said Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton. “People are looking at it. They’re talking about it. And you know, if we can get a good tip and get a good drug dealer off the streets, all the more.”

Even if you aren’t participating in criminal activities (or at least not the kind you could get ratted out for), it’s important to remember to watch what you post on Facebook. From potential employers to the police, you never know who may be watching.