Law Student’s Facebook Hacked, Pictures Used to Advertise Escort Service

facebook-security-2Jazmine Jones, a 23-year-old law school student, had her Facebook profile hacked last October. The cybercriminals stole 300 images from her profile along with her personal information, which they used to set up Facebook accounts saying that she was an escort.

This kind of fake-identity scam is becoming increasingly common on Facebook. The hackers messaged men on Facebook asking for money, in one case even claiming she needed it because her car had broken down.

“When I realized this was happening I went to the police straight away,” Jones said. “They told me there was nothing they could do – ‘Don’t take it seriously, I’m sure it will be fine.’ I also told Facebook but each time they close an account a new one opens up. In June it got completely crazy. There were 10 fake Facebook accounts of me.”

Jones says that she has felt increasingly threatened by her imposters, who have messaged her with pictures of her driver’s license they stole from her email and have threatened to set up bank accounts in her name. Her local police haven’t taken action, and have instead said she should work with Facebook to resolve the issue. Facebook is doing its part and removing profiles as they crop up, though there’s nothing stopping the perpetrators from simply creating more. Catching cybercriminals can be an exceedingly difficult task, but it’s clear that better policies need to be in place to bring scam artists like the ones behind this identity theft to justice.