Maine Police Fight Facebook Pages Threatening To Post Nude Photos Of Underage Girls

skeleton_hackerPolice in Maine are fighting to permanently remove a Facebook page that is threatening to publish nude photos of underage girls. The first such page was taken down on Tuesday this week, but two more sprung up in its place on Wednesday.

Law enforcement officials reported the original page, “The Purge of Maine,” to Facebook, which soon took the page down. A second page, “The Purge of Maine Redux,” soon followed, and was once again promptly removed. A third page now exists, but the only content on it are the words “Standing by…”

Shortly before the original page was taken down, a post appeared on it that bragged police could not stop it from continually popping up.

“This is what happens when the police cannot help you. This is just the beginning. Its going to get a lot worse,” the post said. “You may hold on to the belief that the police will save you from me but I promise that they wont (sic). I will expose you.”

Police have not yet identified the person or people behind the malicious pages, which ask users to submit photos of their exes. However, police said that anyone who likes or shares content from the pages could be subject to Maine child pornography laws.