Man Arrested For Posting Facebook Video Of Himself Drinking & Driving

facebook-general-2An Ohio man was arrested this week after he posted a video of himself on a personal Facebook page—with no privacy settings—taking a swig of alcohol while he was behind the wheel of a car.

“I am a good driver, don’t worry,” the man, Dustin Rittgers, wrote on his page in response to concerned comments. “I’ve got one finger on the steering wheel Facebooking while it’s raining. Smh, i am good. I am a pro.”

According to Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott, someone saw Rittgers’ alarming post and reported him to the police, who immediately tracked him down in his car and arrested him.

“You’ve got a distracted driver and a drunk driver just exponentially causing danger wherever he went,” Scott said. “He’s got his hands full when he’s trying to drive… He’s drinking and he’s paying attention to his phone. I mean we are I think very fortunate this didn’t end with some type of tragedy.”

The sheriff was also quick to dispel any concerns over privacy violations, noting that Rittgers made his post publicly available.

“There’s no privacy issues going on here,” he said. “He posted. He confessed. He gave us the evidence.”

While Facebook snooping can feel a bit like Big Brother, it’s also undeniably helpful for catching people in the act of committing dangerous crimes like this.