Man Arrested for Posting Nude Photos of Ex on Facebook; Claims It’s Legal

facebook-general-2A 34-year-old Michigan man, Chad A. Monroe, was arrested this week for allegedly posting nude photos of his ex-girlfriend on Facebook in an attempt to get her to commit suicide. He also (somehow) thought that his actions were legal.

Monroe’s ex had already reported him to police for harassing her with incessant phone calls and Facebook messages. However, that didn’t stop him, and according to the woman, Monroe told her he would make her life a living hell until she killed herself. This included him posting nude photos of her on Facebook, and even sending them to the woman’s mother. For its part, Facebook removed the photos, though not before people saved them, according to the woman. Monroe was also under the illusion that what he was doing was permissible.

“I talked with my lawyer and he said I can put naked pictures of (her) on the Internet and I am going to keep doing it until she gives me my (expletive) back,” Monroe told police, according to court documents. “There’s nothing you can do about it.”

However, on August 12, Monroe was arrested and charged with counts of stalking and unlawful posting of a message on the Internet. In other words, he might want to think about finding a new lawyer.