Mark Zuckerberg Thinks Facebook Could Read Your Mind One Day

facebook-monthly-fee1-300x202Facebook is often at the cutting-edge of technology. From its Facebook Live streaming videos to Oculus Rift virtual reality, the social media giant is dedicated to innovating (and dominating) all corners of the tech market. That even includes thinking about the far future of social technology — and the potentially creepy consequences that technology could bring.

For instance, Mark Zuckerberg said this week that he thinks Facebook users may one day be able to transmit their thoughts to the online world directly from their brains. If that sounds far-fetched, it is — for now. Zuckerberg was quick to point out this technology is likely decades away, and he didn’t say that he necessarily wants Facebook to have that kind of power. However, it’s telling that he’s thinking about it to this degree.

“I think you’re going to be able to capture a thought, what you’re thinking or feeling, in its kind of ideal and perfect form in your head and be able to share that with the world,” Zuckerberg said in a Facebook Live Q&A session. “Of course it’s really important that people have the power to do this in the way that they want, to be able to share that with other people.”

Facebook already knows a ton about you even without the ability to read minds, so there’s really no limit to the amount of private data it could collect if this sci-fi-like technology ever comes true.