Mom Banned From Facebook for “Coppertone Baby”-Style Photo

facebook-general-2A professional photographer and mom was temporarily banned from Facebook this week after she posted a picture of her two-year-old child on the Coppertone Facebook page. The girl’s swim trunks were being pulled down in the photo, ala the iconic logo image of the sunscreen lotion company.

While Facebook’s heart is obviously in the right place attempting to block pornography on the site and protect the images of minors, this case is yet another example of Facebook’s policies seeming both too strict and too impersonal.

“I was completely shocked and outraged,” the photographer, Jill White, told Fox News. “Nowhere did I see anything pornographic about this photo. There is nothing sexual about it. It’s sweet… We posted it to Coppertone’s Facebook page, and they had the right to take it down but they didn’t.”

Facebook gave White a choice of taking the photo down or changing her privacy settings, and when she did neither, she was banned from the site for 24 hours.

The site has gotten into trouble before for censoring images it shouldn’t, including those of women breastfeeding and even a photo of a nude statue in a park in Kansas. Indeed, the frustration with Facebook’s censorship comes not from their policies themselves, but their often-random-seeming (not to mention unfair) enforcement.