Mom Finds Stolen Photos Of Her Baby On Facebook

warningA Forth Worth, Texas, mother received a rude surprise when she found a picture of her one-year-old daughter being used on an imposter Facebook profile. What’s worse, she had originally posted the photo in a closed Facebook group.

“All of a sudden I saw someone, who I have no idea, posted in a group. And my attention was brought to the profile picture, which was my daughter,” said Tiffany Treese. “To not know someone and to have them have her picture, it was very disturbing,”

The fake profile was in another language, and Treese says she thinks the page was being used to sell goods to other mothers. She also says that her privacy settings were extremely strict, and that the private group she posted to only had 60 members. However, she now says that she will watermark every photo of her child that she uploads to the site. (Who can blame her? According to Treese, it took Facebook five days to remove the fake profile after she reported it and spread word of the con through friends.)

There are several steps Facebook users can take to ensure their photos are harder to steal. First, you can upload low-resolution pics, so even if they are taken they will be difficult to use. Second, you can configure the privacy settings for each of your individual Facebook photo albums.  It’s also important to be selective on who you accept as friends and use sharing controls accordingly. However, if you want to truly secure your most precious photos, experts say the best plan is not to upload them at all.