Mom Streams Beating Of Her Daughter In Latest Facebook Live Controversy

Original Round Blue Facebook Web IconIt seems like every day brings another story about controversial content broadcast live on Facebook. From the fatal shooting of Philandro Castile by a police officer in Minnesota to the attack in Dallas that killed five police officers, Facebook is unwittingly broadcasting tons of graphic content across the web in real time. Another sad incident was added to this ever-growing list this week when a Georgia mother live-streamed her beating her own daughter in order to embarrass her.

According to the mother in the video, Shanavia Miller, her daughter Nia and her daughter’s boyfriend were repeatedly in the house without Miller’s permission. The last straw allegedly came when Miller saw a picture her daughter posted on social media of her boyfriend in a towel — pictures that appeared to be taken in the family’s home. She then beat her daughter and publicly broadcast it to shame her.

“You wanna embarrass me on social media? Don’t f—ing play with me, Nia,” Miller says in the disturbing footage. At one point, she also looks into the camera and says “This is my page now… Now I’m gonna need y’all to send this viral. Please share this because I’m not done. More to come.”

Police officers interviewed both the mother and daughter, and while the daughter said she felt safe in the home, the case was referred to the local Department of Family and Children Services.

Facebook may not see itself as a news organization — but it’s becoming one regardless. That means it may need to begin taking responsibility for some of the graphic content it streams.