Motorcyclist Outruns Police, Gets Arrested For Bragging About It On Facebook

facebook iconYou’d think that crooks would know to keep quiet after getting away with a crime. However, as one dumb criminal after another proves, the appeal of bragging on Facebook can be too much to resist. That was the case this week when a 33-year-old Michigan man was arrested for reckless driving and fleeing a police officer after boasting on Facebook about speeding away from cops on his motorcycle at speeds of over 100 MPH.

Cops say the incident began when they observed the man perform an aggressive brake torque in the middle of the street. The police initiated a traffic stop, but the reckless cyclist took off “almost without hesitation” when one of the officers approached him. The cops lost sight of him shortly thereafter and terminated the pursuit, but they soon began receiving screenshots of the suspect bragging about his crime on Facebook.

“OK its been three days f**k it,” the motorcyclist wrote on Facebook. “I showed up some hardleys at the bar in orion they made noise I took it a step beyond cop seen me put his car right at my foot. Flicked his lights as soon as I heard his car hit park I dropped into gear and disappeared 45 sec. Chase 140 in a 35mph.” He then signed it with the hashtags #ftp, #nojailthisweekend and #everyonelovedit.

While it’s a good idea to watch what you say on Facebook, we can all be thankful people like this use the platform to incriminate themselves.