New App Shows Who Unfriended You On Facebook

unfriendThankfully, Facebook never included the function for users to see who has unfriended them — after all, who wants that kind of insulting info shoved in their face? However, that hasn’t stopped developers. One new app seeks to give curious users the answer, even if it’s one they may not like.

The app, called Who Deleted Me, takes snapshots of your friends list over time and then compares the shots to figure out which new friends you’ve added, and the ones you’ve lost, too. It’s currently available to download for both iOS and Android, and can also be installed as a browser extension in Chrome or Firefox.For the record, we are not endorsing the app, nor have we investigated the code to give the all clear for users.

Of course, this isn’t a mandatory Facebook feature, so anyone who downloads and uses it does so at their own peril. But it’s still an undeniably creepy app. Facebook already tracks us across the web and keeps close watch on our private information — why invite a third-party app to do the same? Plus, does anyone really want to subject themselves to finding out who called off a Facebook friendship? The social media giant tends to strictly ban apps that scrape your data, but this one performs such a basic function that anyone could do themselves, if they wanted to, that it could prove hard for Facebook to give it the boot.

We’ve often seen scammers promote profile viewer applications to curious and unsuspecting users. None of these apps are legitimate and should be avoided at all costs. Facebook doesn’t allow profile viewer apps to exist on the platform.