New Graph Search Change Allows Mobile Facebook Users to Search Their Friends’ Old Posts by Keyword

facebook_blackbg_logoFacebook is currently testing a feature that allows users on mobile devices to search through their friends’ old posts by keyword using the controversial Graph Search functionality introduced last year.

As originally pitched, Graph Search would’ve allowed users to search through posts and comments by keyword, though as pointed out by TechCrunch, that feature remains oddly absent from many Facebook user’s accounts. Graph Search in general hasn’t shown up for many users, but with Facebook’s testing of a mobile version, it could be a sign that the company is gearing up for a major push.

When it was originally announced, Graph Search was met with no small amount of skepticism and raised eyebrows. The feature would allow users to dig up virtually any kind of data on the site from any time period — if users left an embarrassing post public from their early days on the site, it could be found. So could “check in” geolocation data and other potentially privacy-violating information.

Though some users have speculated that the feature isn’t coming, the fact that it’s being rolled out on mobile (and it’s still mentioned all over Facebook’s site) means this new and possibly intrusive search engine will likely show up soon.

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