Nordstrom Employee Fired For Racially Charged Facebook Threats

facebook-general-3A Nordstrom employee in Portland, Oregon, was fired after making incendiary posts on Facebook threatening to kill white police officers. The man, Aaron Hodges, a sales associate for the store, linked to the Nordstrom page from his Facebook profile, and his profile picture appeared to show him inside of a store.

“Instead of slamming the police, I prefer a Kenny Fort approach,” the man’s Facebook post read. “Every time an unarmed black man is killed, you kill a decorated white officer, on his door step in front of his family.”

Hodges’ post came in reaction to both the Ferguson protests and the recent deaths of Eric Garner and several other African Americans at the hands of police. While Hodges said he knew his comment was outrageous and that he intended for it to ruffle some feathers, Nordstrom has a Code of Conduct policy that says employees should make clear that the opinions they express online are their own and not those of the company they represent.  And they’re not alone: in the modern age of social media, most major companies have similar policies in place.

While social media can feel like a perfect venue to express your opinions, it’s worth knowing before you post something too inflammatory just what your own employer’s rules state. After all, you never know what you may have agreed to when you filled out paperwork and started your job.