Oklahomans Discover Their Houses For Rent on Facebook Page

facebook_logo_flatA Facebook page in Tulsa, Oklahoma, called Rent Houses, has been listing available properties in the area. There’s only one problem: the houses it’s advertising aren’t actually available at all. People are actively living in many of the places listed, and were unpleasantly surprised to discover their homes for sale.

One woman, Kenyetta Turner, has been renting her home for nine years. She also recently put up a basketball hoop in her front driveway, and was creeped out to see a new photo of her home with the hoop posted on the Facebook page. She talked to her landlord, who told her that the home is not for rent, though the Facebook page says she is moving out on the 15th of the month. Of course, the page says that people can move in to her home if they pay a $30 application fee and the rent through PayPal.

“I think someone is going to show up ready to move in who’s already paid first and last month’s rent,” Turner said.

The Oklahoma news station who reported the story called a phone number listed on the Facebook page, but it was only the number of a fax machine, and there did not appear to be any real people associated with the page.

Though this page has since apparently been removed, it’s a good reminder to always double- and triple-check your Facebook sources before committing money to anything over the site, particularly a massive purchase like real estate. It’s vitally important to see a house in person — and make sure the people selling it are legit — before putting even one dollar down.