Pair Of Teen Girls Set Up Fake Facebook Profiles As Part Of Scam To Kidnap Newborn Babies

facebook-general-2Two teenaged girls in England admitted in court last week to setting up fake Facebook accounts that pretended to sell baby clothes to new mothers in order to get their information — and then use that info to kidnap the mothers’ newborn children.

Though police still aren’t certain of the motive behind the bizarre crime, they reported that one of the girls, upon being arrested, claimed to be pregnant. When the cops ascertained that was false, they guessed she was going to try to pass off one of the kidnapped babies as her own.

“Their plan was to gain the trust of the mothers so they could get their contact details. We’re not 100 per cent sure how they identified who the new mothers were,” said Detective Sergeant Duncan Gouck. “All the mothers received a friend request from the profile and subsequent messages offering free baby clothes, presumably with the intention of getting their addresses and contact details from them.”

The girls were thankfully caught after one of them turned up at a mother’s home pretending to be a social worker. The girl said she needed to take the baby away for a “medical assessment,” but the mother became suspicious and called the police after she’d left.

This is a truly extreme case, but it’s a good lesson to remember for any Facebook user: don’t trust strangers that randomly reach out to you. Chances are, they’re up to no good.