Police: Crook Used Facebook To Set Up Robbery Of Air Jordan Sneaker Collection

facebook_blackbg_logoAccording to police in Glendale, Arizona, 33-year-old Daniel Nunez used a fake Facebook profile to lure the owner of a valuable Air Jordan sneaker collection into a robbery trap.

Court documents say that Nunez contacted the victim on a Facebook group called “AZ Sneaker Community.” He then inquired about buying the shoes and asked the victim to deliver them to the courtyard of his apartment building.

The victim told cops that he was suspicious of Nunez when he saw that his face did not match the picture he had on his Facebook profile, but it was too late. Nunez then allegedly brandished a gun, took the shoes and the victim ran away and called the police. When the cops showed up at Nunez’s apartment, he was still in the courtyard, and when they searched his apartment, they found the shoes. Nunez denied robbing the victim and said that someone had given him the shoes instead. However, he was still booked for armed robbery and aggravated assault.

Though this crook was particularly dumb and easy to catch for police, it’s not always so easy to recover stolen merchandise. It’s always a good idea to be careful when buying things on the Internet—especially from sketchy strangers on Facebook.