Protect Your Social Media Accounts with SocialSafe – the Ultimate Backup Solution

SS_Facecrooks_150x150_GraphicA good, solid backup plan is an important part of protecting your digital content. Hopefully, you are conducting regular backups of important computer files, including your precious photos, videos and other digital keepsakes.

With so much of our time online being spent on social media sites, it just makes sense to backup and archive the information and memories contained therein. We often hear stories from people who have had their Facebook accounts hacked. Imagine all of your photos, videos, sentimental messages and posts gone in one fell swoop.

This doesn’t have to be the case. A company called SocialSafe provides an incredibly simple way to back up and archive your Facebook timeline, Facebook Pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and Viadeo profiles and more.

As you know, we often talk about social media privacy issues, and one thing we really like about SocialSafe is that all of your information is stored locally on your computer. Your data isn’t stored on a server in the cloud somewhere where it’s vulnerable to data breaches and hackers.

Not only does SocialSafe provide an excellent social media backup service, the application also provides quick and powerful search and browse capabilities. You can navigate your Timeline in a calendar format, search across all of your social networks with deep precision and even view a journal created from all of your backed up activities. As well as this, you can export your data to CSV, allowing you to really take control of and get the most from your social content in any way that you want.

Normally, SocialSafe offers a free 60 day trial for new users, but due to our partnership with them, our readers will receive a 90 day trial of the software instead. You’ll also be pleased to know that even when the trial expires, the cost of such a robust backup solution is beyond reasonable.

You can protect:

  • 4 Accounts for $6.99 / year
  • 10 Accounts for $16.99 / year
  • 20 Accounts for $27.99/ year

Be sure to use our special SignUp link to receive your free 90 day trial!

* Disclosure: Facecrooks has an affiliate relationship with SocialSafe.

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