Report: Facebook Wants to Create “Facebook at Work”

facebook iconAccording to a report in The Financial Times, Facebook is currently working on a service called “Facebook at Work” that will stand apart from the common consumer site and serve instead as a hub for employees. According to the FT, the site would allow employees to collaborate with each other on projects, connect with people in their network and send messages to their fellow employees. However, the site’s interface would keep many of the central features of Facebook as it stands right now, including the News Feed.

If the proposed features of Facebook at Work sound familiar, that’s because they are. The site combines many features from other popular sites like LinkedIn (professional networking) and Google Docs (collaborating on work). There is undoubtedly a crowded market for these kinds of sites, though that kind of competition hasn’t stopped Facebook before. (For instance, the relatively new Facebook Rooms app allows users to create private chats and groups about select topics, something that already exists all over the web.)

So what could the potential hold ups be for a work-only Facebook site? Privacy and confidentiality, of course. The public opinion of Facebook’s security is already low, and business owners will likely have big reservations about sharing company information on a website perceived to be so compromised.