Report: It’s Alarmingly Easy For Sex Offenders To Get Facebook Accounts

Facebook has well over 2 billion active users, which means it has to deal with its fair share of bad apples. But even when the company creates policies to protect its users, that doesn’t always stop predators from using the site. For instance, according to a recent report, there are a shocking amount of convicted sex offenders on Facebook even though the company explicitly bans them.

In one example, a man convicted of child exploitation offenses in three states was discovered to be actively using Facebook by his probation officer, despite being forbidden by both the law and the site’s own guidelines from having an account.

“Part of his probation was that he was not supposed to be on social media of any kind, whatsoever,” Detective Mary Gary Ford said. “The frightening part is the number of people doing what they’re doing and that’s just what’s being reported.”

Most disturbingly, reporters discovered registered sex offenders in seven states with active Facebook profiles — after only three and a half hours of investigation. So while Facebook may have strong rules on paper to protect vulnerable users, it’s clear the company has work to do when it comes to enforcing them.