Report: You Can’t Block Mark Zuckerberg Or His Wife On Facebook

unfriendFacebook touts itself as a platform for open communication. However, tech publication Quartz recently uncovered a feature of the site that undermines that goal. According to the report, you cannot block Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg or his wife, Priscilla Chan, on Facebook.

When a reporter from Quartz did try to block the couple, she received a pop-up message that simply said “This profile can’t be blocked for now.” You can still unfollow the Facebook founder and his spouse if you don’t want to see their content in your timeline, but the only foolproof way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to block them—and you can’t.

Facebook offered a curious response when pressed on the issue, claiming too many people are trying to block Zuckerberg at once, leading to a technical glitch.

“People trying to block a profile or Page may see an error message if it has been blocked many times within a short period,” a Facebook spokesperson told Quartz.

However, Quartz put this theory to the test and was able to block both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s official pages on the site, calling into question Facebook’s explanation. After all, those are two pages that are likely to be inundated with user blocks. So it looks like Facebook may be taking steps to ensure you see what its founder has to say—even if you don’t agree with it or don’t want it. And that flies in the face of what Facebook says it stands for.