Security Experts Wary Of Facebook Messenger Payments

Facebook and U.S. DollarLast week, Facebook rolled out its new payment feature in Facebook Messenger that allows users to instantly send payments to one another using the tool.  Of course, in order to work, Messenger requires users to upload their debit card information. And while Facebook won’t link up with credit cards in order to avoid fraud issues, some security experts are still warning users about potential Messenger phishing scams.

According to Stu Sjouwerman of KnowBe4, an online security awareness blog, Facebook’s payments will inevitably face fraud. He says that Apple Pay, a similar system launched by another tech giant, dealt with issues even a few months after its release.

“The number one problem will be phishing attacks that claim the victim has received money from a Facebook friend,” he said. “Also, when a friend messages you and their account has been hacked, there is a criminal trying to scam you impersonating your friend.”

Overall, Sjouwerman warns users to “think before they click” when using the online payment system. While that’s true for any action on social media, it is especially good advice for a feature that can give away your hard-earned cash with one click. Sure, it’s convenient, but that same ease of use also makes it easy for users to get suckered by scams.