'Sneaky Hat' – (Almost) Nude Pics Put Youth at Risk

FacebookLogo2First it was planking, then owling, and now this – Sneaky Hat, the worst of all the fads that have so far propagated through Facebook.

Sneaky Hat is a new craze wherein teens post a picture of themselves completely naked except for a hat covering their private parts. The fad allegedly originated from Queensland, particularly from a group of 15-year olds who thought that having their pictures taken in the Sneaky Hat Pose would be funny.

Apparently, they weren’t the only ones.

Within a few weeks, the group had already collected more than a hundred sneaky hat pictures from their peers. Not only that, some of the kids had even gone so far as to post videos of the crazy hat pose on YouTube. Soon the group had spiraled out of the control of its founders and the naked pictures came flooding in like crazy.

The group soon gained more than 10,000 followers and pedophiles will likely have a field day browsing through the photos and saving some of them for their personal use.

The mere existence of the page puts the children at risk for sexual grooming. Furthermore, the existence of a ‘Sneaky Hat’ picture would be highly detrimental to the child’s chances of getting a decent job in the future. After all, such pictures are never truly deleted once they’re uploaded on the internet. Once it’s there, it could come back to haunt these kids forever. In fact, police say that some of the pictures had already been found by child pornography manufacturers around the world.

Police had also warned that taking such pictures is already a form of child pornography and that the teens are not exempt from the law – even if they’re the ones taking pictures of themselves and even if it’s “just for fun”.

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