Study: Facebook One Of Most Hated Tech Companies Because Of Privacy

Facebook privacy issuesAccording to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), Facebook was one of the three most hated tech companies in America last year, along with Twitter and LinkedIn. The index works by collecting data on customer loyalty and satisfaction every year.

Facebook has dealt with a slew of privacy-related PR issues over the past several years, including the revelation last year that the site experimented with the News Feeds of about 700,000 users in 2012 to manipulate their emotions. Of course, there was also Facebook’s controversial decision to begin using user profile pictures in “social ads” in 2013, and the Edward Snowden fiasco that revealed Facebook was handing over data to the NSA. But still, as The Motley Fool points out, Facebook’s user base and revenue have continued to grow year by year with no sign of slowing down.

While Facebook likely wants to improve its image in the public eye (some of its recent attempts at introducing more transparent privacy tools indicate that’s likely the case), it is far and away the largest social network in the world.  That means that, regardless of the harsh comments it receives about its privacy practices, the site has no strong incentive to change.

“Being ‘hated’ doesn’t necessarily doom a company,” the Fool wrote. “Privacy advocates might despise some of Facebook’s business strategies, but it still has an untouchable lead in social networking.”

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