Substitute Teacher Arrested for Impersonating a Student

teacher_comicIt seems that cybercrimes are becoming more and more absurd as the years go by, revealing a darker side to society that we never would have suspected. Just last Friday, a substitute teacher named Adam Domaradsky from Wycoff was arrested and charged with unauthorized access of a computer and impersonation. The teacher allegedly hacked into a student’s AOL and Facebook account and proceeded to use that student’s accounts to have sexually explicit conversations with other students.

Teaching a lesson

The whole affair started when one student was confronted by his peers about why his internet conversations were so riddled with sexually graphic content. The student was duly surprised by the information and professed that he was not even online during the times that his friend said that he was. They checked the student’s Facebook and AOL accounts and sure enough, they found out that the accounts were breached and the passwords changed. The issue was then brought to the notice of the Old Tappan Police. The police cooperated with the Computer Crimes Task Force of the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office and after nearly two months of investigation, the track finally led them to Adam Domaradsky, and culminated with Domaradsky’s arrest.

The Implications

The school which hired Domaradsky has already announced that it will no longer welcome him back. In fact, the school has already sent out emails to the parents informing them of the incident and on ways to counter it. Also, there is the possibility that Domaradsky has taught in other schools and did the same thing to other students. Police are also investigating how exactly Domaradsky got a hold of the student’s password.

The incident speaks of a decaying moral fiber that’s quite troubling. This isn’t the only incident concerning students and teachers either. Teachers were discouraged from friending their students in Facebook and vice versa because it blurs the line between a teacher’s professional life and private life. As a parent, don’t assume that all teachers have your child’s best interest at heart. Stay educated, informed and engaged in your child’s online and offline activities.

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