Survey: Majority Of Facebook Users Don’t Trust It To Obey The Law

Facebook knows it has a public relations problem when it comes to issues of privacy and user data. That’s why the company is constantly announcing new ways for users to take control of their settings, learn more about what the site knows about them, and protect their data. However, if a new survey released this week is to be believed, Facebook has its work seriously cut out for it if it wants to win back our trust.

The nonprofit ethics watchdog group Campaign for Accountability conducted a phone poll with 1,001 registered voters over the course of a week in June. It asked the survey takers for their impression of Facebook. The results are not sunny for the social media giant. A staggering 63 percent of people surveyed said they don’t trust Facebook to “obey the law when it comes to protecting their personal information.” 73 percent said they favored more regulation for large tech companies like Facebook.

Of course, this lack of trust isn’t unfounded. Facebook has been dogged with issues ranging from the Cambridge Analytica data breach during the 2016 presidential elections to the recent revelation that the company provided user data to device makers, including a Chinese company that has been flagged as a national security risk by the the U.S. government. Facebook may want to regain user trust, but it seems unlikely at this point that it’ll ever fully be restored.