Teenager Sues Parents For Posting Childhood Photos On Facebook

Facebook privacy issuesAn 18-year-old woman in Austria is suing her parents for posting pictures of her on Facebook for seven years without her permission.

The woman’s lawyer says that her parents have posted about 500 childhood pictures of her on the social media platform without her consent, and that if she can successfully prove the photos “violated her rights to a personal life,” she may win the case. The woman said she has repeatedly asked her parents to remove the pictures, but they refused; her father said that since he took the photos, he could do with them as he pleased. So, since she couldn’t get her parents to listen to her via conventional means, the woman decided to take legal action once she turned 18.

“They knew no shame and no limits,” she told an Austrian newspaper. “They didn’t care if I was sitting on the toilet or lying naked in the cot, every moment was photographed and made public… I’m tired of not being taken seriously by my parents.”

The lawyer representing the woman said that he will seek financial compensation for her, and a court order demanding her parents remove the pictures.

While this case may seem extreme, you can bet there will be more ones like it once children born and raised in the Facebook era come of age.