Teens Are Still Leaving Facebook Over “Safety” Concerns

facebook iconWhen a study was released earlier this year saying that teen users were leaving Facebook in droves over privacy concerns, researchers and experts wondered if the trend would hold. Now another study has came out that appears to back up the first one’s findings.

According to the report from Frank N. Magid Associates Inc., 88 percent of 13- to 17-year-old American Facebook users were on Facebook. While that may seem like a lot, and in terms of raw numbers it definitely is, the figure seems dramatically low when compared to previous years. (94 percent of teens were on Facebook in 2013, and 95 percent in 2012.) More important for Facebook’s future, however, was why the teens said they’re leaving.

Only nine percent of the teens surveyed described the site as “safe” or “trustworthy.” Though the level of trust the general public has in Facebook is low, nine percent is an especially small number (this despite all of Facebook’s best efforts to beef up and simplify it’s privacy rules). Don’t cry for Facebook, however; many teens are leaving the site in favor of Instagram and WhatsApp, two astronomically popular apps that Facebook also happens to own. And that might be the most insidious thing about Facebook of all. Even when you try and get away from them, they often still end up playing a big part in your social media life.