Woman Could Face Year In Jail After Tagging Ex-Sister-In-Law On Facebook

facebook_blackbg_logoA New York woman could face a year in jail for tagging her ex-sister-in-law in a Facebook post. The woman had previously been barred from contacting her former in-law by “electronic or any other means.”

Maria Gonzalez tried to argue that the protection order, which stemmed from a divorce between her and the protected party, didn’t prevent her from communicating via Facebook, but a judge disagreed. Gonzalez is accused of tagging her sister-in-law in a post, calling her “stupid” and saying “You and your family are sad … You guys have to come stronger than that!! I’m way over you guys but I guess not in ya agenda.”

It seems like common sense, but many experts warn to be careful what you post on Facebook. Even seemingly innocuous posts can come back to bite you—especially if you’re involved in any kind of legal proceeding.

“Everything you post anywhere can possibly be used against you,” Manhattan matrimonial attorney Michael Stutman told the New York Post.

The old adage “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” is a good lesson for daily life, but it might be an even better one for social media.