Woman Finds Her Selfies On Escort Site

Yellow Warning Sign - WTF - IsolatedFacebook photo privacy (or lack thereof) has been a hot topic in the news this week. The trend continues with the story of a 21-year-old woman Houston woman who found that her selfies were being used to market an escort service online.

The woman, Adriana Henderson, discovered that her Facebook photos had been stolen when she received random Facebook messages from strangers and when people in public mentioned it to her. She tried to contact the sites to get her pictures removed, but they have not complied. Local ABC news affiliate KTRK also called the number listed on one of the websites and no one answered. Later, the station received a text message saying that they “had the wrong number.”

Henderson is considering seeking legal help for the violation of her privacy.

“Somewhere it has to stop. I want my own identity. It’s embarrassing. It’s humiliating. I’m not that kind of person,” she said. “I just want to live my life.”

If you don’t want your Facebook photos stolen, you must take the simple step of limiting the potential audience for your profile. Whether you change it to Friends Only or Friends of Friends, simply switching it from Public view can make a major positive impact on your privacy.