Woman Has Photo Stolen, Used For Facebook Hoax Claiming She Had 14 Kids With 14 Men

facebook icon A 22-year-old woman working as a waitress in Connecticut recently received a strange Facebook notification from someone she’d lost touch with. When Karena Bennett clicked, she was shocked and horrified to find a picture of herself, her husband and her newborn baby, posing and smiling in the hospital room. The picture had been attached to an article claiming that she was a Detroit woman who had 14 children with 14 different men.

To make matters worse, the hoax post soon went viral, garnering over 6,000 comments from around the world, most of them derogatory toward Bennett. Of course, she isn’t actually responsible for the details of the phony story, but that didn’t stop strangers from calling her lazy, promiscuous and worse. As for where the photo came from, it appeared in a newspaper a year ago as Bennett’s son was the first baby born in Milford, Connecticut, in 2015.

“I don’t understand why someone would do this to me,” Bennett said. “I really do wish I could find the person and ask, ‘Why?’… It’s unfortunate because some people could think this is harmless, but it isn’t. It can just keep circulating and circulating. I’m sorry, but someone has to take action.”

If Bennett’s photo was stolen from the newspaper, there is not much she could have done to protect herself. However, it’s a good idea to safeguard your Facebook photos to prevent opportunistic scam artists from stealing them and using them in crazy hoaxes like this.