Woman Posts Winning Horse Race Ticket On Facebook, Gets Ripped Off By “Friend”

oopsA woman from Perth, Australia, placed a bet on the Melbourne Cup horse race this week and won $825. Understandably excited, she posted a picture of herself smiling and holding the winning ticket. However, what she didn’t anticipate was one of her so-called “friends” using the picture to steal her prize.

Within 15 minutes of posting the picture, the woman went to claim her winnings—only to find that the money had already been claimed.

“My fingers were covering some of the barcode, so someone had a pretty good game at filtering my picture and cutting out my barcode and putting it into an automated machine,” she told the Daily Mail.

The woman said that she and her friends all had private Facebook accounts, so she knows the culprit must be a Facebook friend.

“It has to be someone who… we’d like to think of as our acquaintance,” she said. “Might need a bit of a Facebook cull now.”

However, she might still get her money back; Australian police have reportedly tracked down where it was claimed and believe they can hone in on the suspect. But still, the woman learned an important—and costly—lesson: don’t post anything on Facebook that you don’t want falling into the wrong hands. Even if those hands belong to one of your supposed “friends.”