Zuckerberg Talks Anonymous Log In, Future of Facebook Privacy

facebook-privacy3During Facebook’s Q2 earnings report this week, founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed Facebook’s new Anonymous Log In feature, and also addressed Facebook’s potential future uses of information.

Facebook’s Anonymous Log In feature, currently in beta mode, allows for users to log in to apps without sharing any information. Zuckerberg noted in his comments to the media that the app is just the beginning of the site’s efforts to improve user privacy, with instant messaging and increased privacy controls serving to help users better protect themselves.

“[Facebook] focuses on creating private spaces for people,” he said. “We’re constantly looking for new opportunities to open up new, different private spaces for people.”

But Zuckerberg also said that, with its vast trove of user information, Facebook is poised to become a major player in search engine technology. There are over one trillion posts on the site, and the ability to link information together could create one of the largest databases ever.

“There’s so much content within the Facebook ecosystem, we can answer questions for you that no other service can,” he said. “The secret to this will be, over a long period of time, indexing all the information on Facebook… That’s bigger than any Web service corpus that’s out there.”

Facebook has been very open about its desire to acquire user information, and with recent comments like this, it shows no signs of slowing down. As always, if you want to limit what the site — and other users — know about you, it’s best not to post sensitive information at all.