Apple Cofounder Warns People To Get Off Facebook Forever

Facebook is no stranger to controversy, and it has accrued many prominent critics over the years. Now you can add Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak to the list, who recently stated in no uncertain terms that most users should get off Facebook as quickly as possible.

“There are many different kinds of people, and some of the benefits of Facebook are worth the loss of privacy,” Wozniak told TMZ. “But to many like myself, my recommendation is — to most people — you should figure out a way to get off Facebook.”

The tech guru also cautioned against the rise of listening technology, noting that there’s “almost no way” to stop an app from eavesdropping on you via your smartphone microphone if it wants to.

As an alternative to current free platforms like Facebook, Wozniak proposed a system where users would pay a small fee to have their data protected.

“People think they have a level of privacy they don’t,” Wozniak continued. “Why don’t they give me a choice? Let me pay a certain amount, and you’ll keep my data more secure and private then everybody else handing it to advertisers.”

This is a well-intentioned suggestion, but people have used Facebook freely for too long to switch to a payment model now. Instead, Facebook must do a better job of protecting its users’ data simply because it’s the right thing to do — and not because we’re paying for the privilege.

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