Facebook Agrees To Settle Cambridge Analytica Data Privacy Lawsuit At The Last Minute

The 2018 Cambridge Analytica data breach scandal was one of the biggest privacy controversies to ever rock the social media giant. And now, four long years later, the company has dramatically decided to settle a lawsuit over the scandal before Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg testified during a court hearing next month.

In case you don’t remember, the Cambridge Analytica affair began when it was revealed that Facebook had allowed the now-defunct third-party marketing company to access the private data of tens of millions of users. The incident resulted in billions of dollars in fines worldwide, and an unrecoverable hit to Facebook’s reputation. However, the fact that the company has been so willing to fork over these massive settlements instead of allowing their executives to testify has caused some experts to wonder what else it could be hiding.

“It is a measure of how desperate Zuckerberg is to avoid answering questions about Facebook’s cover-up of the Cambridge Analytica data breach that Facebook has settled this case just days away from him being cross-examined under oath for six hours,” journalist Carole Cadwalladr said. “The truth will come out one day — but today is not that day.”

This likely isn’t the last we’ve heard of this massive privacy issue. However, the company has won another battle for now in preventing the public from getting more information.

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