Facebook Application Blocklist to Reduce Newsfeed Spam

Facebook applications are notorious for spamming and (sometimes) scamming users. We are in the process of compiling a “blocklist” of apps that should be avoided if you want to minimize the spam on your News Feed. We aren’t saying any of these applications are scams or doing anything to violate Facebook’s ToS, they are just considered annoying and/or spammy by some users.

You can visit the links below for each application and click the “Block App” link located in the bottom left hand corner. This will keep you from receiving the annoying notifications and updates from that app.

You can also use the same procedure to block any other apps that you run across. Just go to the main Facebook application page of the app in question and click the block link. For maximum protection, you can turn off all platform apps. Do this by clicking Privacy Settings in the top right hand corner. Next, scroll down until you see Apps and Websites, and click the “Edit Settings” link.  You can also click Account Settings and then click the Apps link on the left. Here you can see a list of all the applications you are currently using. You can remove any apps that are suspicious or spammy, and you can even “turn off all platform apps.”

Current Application Blocklist

*If clicking a link takes you to the Facebook home page, then one work around is to enter the application title into the Facebook search bar. Then filter by “Apps” in the left column.*

***As of February 1, 2012, Facebook is removing Application Profile Pages. We have found it difficult and sometimes impossible to locate block links for some Facebook applications.

Angry Birds Rio


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Who loves you ? ♥

What Rapper Are You

Which Superhero Are You

What does your name say about you?

Celebrity Birthday Game – (This is a link to report the app  – we were unable to locate an app profile page so the app could be blocked.)

Searching… – (Please report this app – It has been used as a Profile Peeker and ‘Time on Facebook’ rogue apps.

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Best Looking Contest, etc.

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We also recommend that you use Bitdefender Safego, a third party Facebook application made by a legitimate and well known developer – Bitdefender. This app will scan your news feed and help keep you safe from many of the scams we warn about.

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