Facebook Brazil Ordered to Pay Woman $1,500 Over Fake Profile

According to AFP, on Wednesday, a Brazilian court ordered Facebook to pay a user $1,500 in moral damages for refusing to quickly take down a fake profile containing her personal information.

“I reported this but Facebook did not remove the page. I did all that they asked me to, I sent proof of my identity and fiscal number, but they only removed my profile after I took legal action,” the user, Nadya Pereira Justino, said.

The problem seems to have been the sheer size of Facebook’s bureaucracy. Justino originally reported the issue to Facebook Brazil, who didn’t take action because they believed it was in Facebook’s jurisdiction and not their own. However, the court ruled that it was their responsibility, and so this subsidiary of Facebook had to pay the fine and not Facebook itself.

Internal communication is always an issue with companies as large and far-reaching as Facebook, but such gross violations of personal privacy should be dealt with immediately. It’s disturbing just how comfortable Facebook is with bad publicity over its privacy issues at this point. They just don’t seem to care.

It appears that Facebook’s monitoring and reporting system is fundamentally flawed. We have received countless reports on Fake profiles and offensive content that is never removed from the site.  I have a personal friend that reported her account as hacked to Facebook 11 months ago. The account is still active and under hacker’s control.

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