Facebook Collects Your Data Through Push Notifications Even When The App Is Closed

It’s not a secret that Facebook collects as much of our data as it can get its hands on. However, it’s truly surprising how many ways the social media giant has found to accomplish this. According to researchers with app developer Mysk, the social media giant can collect your data even when you’re not using the app thanks to push notifications.

For its part, Apple doesn’t allow apps to run in the background and suspends them when they’re not active to prevent this kind of data scraping. However, when a user receives a push notification, iOS temporarily activates the app, allowing companies like Facebook to still gather data.

“The ability to execute tasks in the background is a gold mine for data-hungry apps,” the researchers told Mashable. “Unsurprisingly, many social apps notorious for their aggressive data harvesting practices are taking advantage of the background execution time enabled by push notifications. In fact, developers can harness this workaround to run code in the background on demand. All they have to do is send push notifications to their users. As a result, iOS would wake their app in the background on every device, then the app runs whatever code the developer has built into the app.”

Of course, it’s not surprising that Facebook would do this. However, it’s still disappointing the company goes to such lengths to collect our info when it already has so much.

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