Facebook Introduces New Tool To Make It Easier To Access Your Data

It’s no secret that Facebook possesses a ton of our information. In fact, the company’s entire business model depends on it. However, the social media giant is also under constant pressure from lawmakers and privacy advocates to be more transparent about the data it gathers. That’s why the company originally introduced the Download Your Information tool — a way for users to get a detailed breakdown about what Facebook knows about them. And this week, the company announced that it will let users view even more of this data.

Under these new guidelines, the Download Your Information feature will show you some of the inferences that the company has made about you. For instance, it will now show you the kind of content it thinks you like — say, science articles — and what you originally shared to make it believe that.

It is important to us to keep working more transparently with regard to data,” Facebook wrote in a blog post announcing the new feature. “So we will continue explaining the role that data plays in our services and update our tools whenever we can as the global conversation about this important topic evolves to make sure that people can continue to access data in meaningful ways.”

This is a relatively small change in the grand scheme of things, but at least Facebook is making an effort to be more transparent with users. However, it’s worth remembering that none of these features would be necessary if the company didn’t collect so much of our private information in the first place.

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