Facebook Offers New “Follow” Feature for Mobile App, To Populate News Feeds and Deliver Ads

Facebook just announced a new “Follow” feature that allows you to, well follow, someone who is using a mobile app. Using this feature lets you receive updates on your news feed every time the people you are following do something using the app where you have subscribed.

For example, let us say that you “Follow” someone in Instagram. You will now receive his or her new Instagram photos in your Facebook news feed.

Why is this feature so important in improving Facebook’s mobile revenue?

Content delivered through this new feature is what online advertisers dream about – highly targeted and personalized. It could mean more traffic forwarded to the developer’s site, and ultimately, more business connections.

But don’t think that mobile app developers are the only ones who are bound to reap the rewards once everyone starts to “Follow” everyone else in mobile apps. Which is why, not all mobile developers will jump at the chance to integrate this feature in their app out of fear that Facebook will benefit more from the “Follow” feature than themselves.

Facebook is doggedly pursuing its goal of cornering a large chunk of online advertising revenue, and that includes positioning itself in the booming mobile market.

Facebook is staring at big revenue potential in the mobile content arena by turning updates into Sponsored Stories and charging the app developers and advertisers to make these stories stand out in the crowded news feed that you usually get.

How this new feature eventually turns out is still up in the air. But for us users, it will provide yet another way deliver status updates straight to your News Feed. Choose carefully though, just a few overly spammy apps could totally clog up your Facebook page.

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