Report: All Facebook Users Can Now Port Their Photos Off The Platform

In December 2019, Facebook announced the creation of a tool that would allow users to port all their photos off Facebook and onto Google Photos. And now, half a year later, the data portability feature is available for everyone globally.

This move was seen by many as an important step toward helping people leave Facebook altogether. It makes it significantly easier for users to gather their information in bulk, instead of needing to download, delete, then manually re-upload every photo.

“People can access this new tool in Facebook settings within Your Facebook Information, the same place where you can download your information,” Facebook’s director of privacy and public policy, Steve Satterfield, wrote in the original blog post announcing the tool. “We’ve kept privacy and security as top priorities, so all data transferred will be encrypted and people will be asked to enter their password before a transfer is initiated.”

Many users say they can’t leave Facebook because it contains so many of their photos, so this new feature is quietly a big deal. The social media giant doesn’t willingly give people an escape hatch often, so if you’ve been looking for an excuse to leave, this new tool might just be it.

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