Report: Facebook Is Working On Technology To Map Out Reality

Facebook already controls vast amounts of our personal data. After all, it’s how the social media giant makes money. However, the company may be looking for ways to elevate that control to a nearly unthinkable dimension. According to reports this week, Facebook is working on augmented reality glasses that will be paired with a “Live Map” of the entire planet. That means Facebook will in essence control its own reality on top of our own.

With this technology, Facebook could hypothetically allow people to travel the globe as holograms, speak with people thousands of miles away, or even work at jobs across the world. While this could be used to connect people for the better, it also poses massive problems. Namely, that Facebook would be in charge of everything.

“It’s deeply unsettling,” Jessica Conditt wrote in an opinion piece for Engadget. “In this vision of the future, Facebook is literally building a new reality — one that it can change on a whim, removing objects and mechanics that don’t mesh with its corporate ideals, and adding objectives that have been purchased by the highest bidder.”

For a company already racked by privacy and data security scandals, Facebook’s doubling-down on this controversial technology is interesting. Of course, this tech is still a long way from reality, but the fact that Facebook is interested at all should give privacy-conscious users pause.

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