Report: Facebook Knows It Has A Huge Problem Regaining User Trust

Facebook has been inundated with privacy and data controversies over the past several years. That’s why so many digital privacy advocates expressed skepticism when the company announced its plans to create home hardware with built-in cameras and microphones (not to mention its rumored interest in mind-reaching technology). Now, according to leaked audio from an internal Facebook meeting, even CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg knows his company is facing an uphill battle to regain user trust.

“I think some of the most devastating critique is not around substance in terms of what the companies do,” Zuckerberg told employees during the all-hands meeting. “It’s around a motive… and I think it’s tough to break down these perceptions and build trust until you get to a place where people know that you have their best interests at heart.”

There’s good reason for Zuckerberg to be concerned; a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found that only six percent of adults say they “fully trust” Facebook to protect their data, while 60 percent said they don’t trust Facebook to protect their info at all. After the Cambridge Analytica data breach scandal and many other issues like it, it’s fair for users to want the company to prove itself. Now it’s up to Facebook to deliver stronger protections.

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