Report: Facebook Users Are Getting Locked Out For Reporting Scammers

Facebook’s rules for content moderation are often confusing, and leave users grasping for answers when their posts get removed. But in the past several weeks, there is a particularly strong backlash happening on Twitter, with the hashtag “#FacebookLockout” gaining momentum. According to these users, they’re being punished by Facebook for doing what they’re supposed to do: reporting scammers and fake accounts.

When users are locked out of the platform, there is supposed to be an ID verification process to help them regain access. However, according to these users, the verification tool hasn’t been working. And because most direct methods for contacting Facebook exist behind a log in, these users have virtually no recourse for complaining to the company. That has led many to take to Twitter and vent they’re being punished for doing the right thing. These bans also go beyond a personal annoyance; many users have their business pages linked to their accounts.

“Because I can’t log into Facebook I am now also locked out of any application which requires Facebook authentication,” she said. “When you think about all the applications that you use that require Facebook authentication, that means this bug can have a pretty widespread impact on a person’s life.”

This seems like a fairly serious problem, and hopefully Facebook pays attention to the online backlash soon. For a company with an already-damaged privacy reputation, it’s not a good look to be seen as cracking down on people acting responsibly.

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