Report: Holocaust Denial Content Still Spreading On Facebook Despite Ban

Last month, Facebook announced that it would no longer tolerate Holocaust deniers on its platform as part of its policies combatting hate speech. However, according to a report from The Next Web this week, many of these accounts and groups remain active, and Facebook’s own algorithm is still actively recommending them.

It’s important to note that Facebook has not publicly said how it would define Holocaust denialism, nor did it say exactly how long it would take to implement the new policy. And while the initial announcement was a step in the right direction, experts believe there’s still much more that Facebook must do to address the issue.

“Unfortunately, Holocaust denial has been a serious problem that ADL has been flagging for Facebook for more than a decade,” Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt told The Next Web. “The good news is that they are finally taking action, but clearly much more needs to be done to effectively identify and remove this form of blatant antisemitism on their platform.”

Of course, Facebook’s pivot to banning this kind of content only came after CEO Mark Zuckerberg started a firestorm by saying he didn’t believe his company should be responsible for policing Holocaust denialism. So while the company’s actions may be improving, its mindset certainly still has room for improvement.

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