Share Your Last Words with ‘If I Die’ Facebook Application

Death – a grim subject at best. It’s something that most people would like to forget or ignore. Its eventuality warrants that we at least be prepared for when that day comes. Nobody wants to leave this world with regrets, with words unsaid. Imagine dying without telling your loved ones how much they mean to you – it’s not a very pleasant thought. Well, if this is an area of concern for you, then you might want to check out the “If I die” application developed by an Israeli Company that specializes in creating Time Capsule products.

The app provides a way to share your last message to the world postmortem – be it a video or a simple message. Your last update could be anything from a heartfelt expression of gratitude to the people who have been part of your life to the revelation of a deeply held secret. You could also choose to share a life lesson that you want others to take to heart while they still have time or perhaps a cryptic message is more your style. Some may even give a final flip off to a cold, cruel world. You can make it memorable and unique or you can make it simple and sincere – what matters is that you make sure that your last words are heard by the people who matter to you.

The app will require you to pick three of your friends – called “Trustees” – to be the ones who will confirm your death once it happens. When all three have given the ‘go signal’, the app will then post your last message on your wall to be shared with all of your friends.

“If I die” is a rather interesting application, all things considered, and a particularly useful one. It probably won’t be replacing the traditional Last Will and Testament any time soon, but it’s still a nice way to reach all those people who have touched your life and to give everyone a final Facebook farewell. Some might think it a bit morbid, but then death isn’t a subject that anyone should skirt. It’s coming one day for us all, so why not confront it directly?

Security-wise, this might be a good way of making sure that the people on your friends list know that you’ve passed – as hackers sometimes take over accounts of deceased people to use for their ill conceived purposes. Though, it might be better to have your family choose to “memorialize” your Facebook account after your death to ensure that Facebook will remove your contact info, status updates, and remove your name from the roster of “suggested contacts”.

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