US Senator Urges FTC To Investigate Facebook For Misleading Customers, Users

For years, Facebook has made bold promises about the safety and privacy of its platform. However, following the release of damning internal documents from a whistleblower, lawmakers have pressed the company to explain what seem to be misleading claims it has made in the past. The most recent example of this arrived this week when US senator Maria Cantwell wrote a letter to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) asking it to open an investigation into allegations that Facebook may have lied to customers and users alike.

According to Cantwell, Facebook may have violated the FTC’s law against unfair or deceptive practices by misleading both advertisers and the public about its processes for ensuring safety and the true reach of its ad platform.

“A thorough investigation by the Commission and other enforcement agencies is paramount, not only because Facebook and its executives may have violated federal law, but because members of the public and businesses are entitled to know the facts regarding Facebook’s conduct as they make their decisions about using the platform,” Sen. Maria Cantwell wrote.

This is just the latest volley from US lawmakers, who seem increasingly determined to rein in Facebook by any means necessary. Time will tell if it works, but the prospect of another government investigation certainly isn’t good news for the social media giant.

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