Website Plans to Fight Crime Through Crowd-Sourcing on Facebook

Connected to the Case,” a new website, will collect and crowd-source tips about crimes to help police solve active investigations. The service will pull data from your Facebook profile to prioritize cases with which you might have a connection. The website can access this information because you use your Facebook log-in to access it. The website will pull from five pools of data in your profile: date, location, time, demographics and relation.

“The ability to harness the true power of social media, and focus it on a case that needs to be solved will help law enforcement close cases more quickly and bring closure to the families of victims who are still waiting for justice,” said Morgan Wright, CEO and Chief Crime Fighter of Crowd Sourced Investigations, said in a press release about the new online tool. “As a former law enforcement officer and detective, I know full well the need to quickly and efficiently close active cases.”

The website will allow users to control their privacy settings and report tips anonymously if they wish. However, this unparalleled access and use of personal information raises more than a few eyebrows. What do you think about programs accessing so much personal data and then using it? Do you think using a crowd-sourcing tool to combat crime could be effective?

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