Your Activity Log Will Now Show Facebook Search History

Facebook announced yesterday that they will now be adding user search history to their Activity Log. The Activity Log was released along with Timeline late last year and is a useful tool that allows you to quickly review and manage your Facebook activity.

Quite a few bloggers have posted some sensational headlines about this new feature. First off, only you can see your Activity Log. Unless you let other people access your Facebook account you really don’t have anything to worry about. If your account is hacked, you probably have bigger problems than a hacker viewing your search history.

Users also have the option of deleting any or all items in their search activity. Keep in mind that most everything you do on Facebook is likely recorded and may never really go away. The data you delete won’t be readily available for you to see, but it could be safely stored away on a Facebook server somewhere. In the past, Facebook got into some trouble for retaining items that users had deleted and thought were gone. According to the social networking giant, that has since been remedied.

From a privacy standpoint, we don’t really see much to worry about here. Only you can see the activity and you have the option of deleting anything you want. So if any of you Facebook stalkers out there went into a panic after reading the headline, you can rest easy. Your stalking activities are still somewhat safe.

If you don’t see the search button just yet, you should see it within the next few weeks.

Recommended Resources

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What do you think about this new feature? How will you use it to improve your Facebook experience?

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